What are the fees to use iRegister.ie

If your event is Free then there is no fee to use iRegister.ie

Our payment processing fee 7% of the ticket price + €0.25 per transaction

Please contact us for more info.

What is iRegister.ie

iRegister is an Easy to Use Online Event Registration System open to All Event Organisers of
any type of event. Once your event is setup you can promote your event and start taking
registrations. Event Organisers have access to all details provided by attendees.

Our team will create the initial form and give you all the info you need to start taking registrations.
This way the hard work is done for you and you can get onto promoting your event.

On the day of the Event you can use our smartphone to check each attendees ticket
against the system.

How does iRegister.ie work

Its simple. Complete the Create Event form here and we will create the registration form
for you. You will have access to see who has register for your event and download full
registration details to CSV or Excel Format.

What types of events can I create?

Any type of event! Sports, Conferences, Parties, Reunions, Meetups, Concerts, Charity
Events, Festivals……the list goes on

What are the features of iRegister.ie?
  • Event Creation
  • Free or Pay to Register Events
  • Event Ticketing
  • App to check Attendees Tickets
  • Registration Limits nad Auto Close Event Registration
  • Attendee Reporting
  • Custom Questions
  • Promotional Codes & Discounts
  • Early Bird Registration
  • Waiting Lists
What are the Benefits for Charities?

iRegister.ie & iDonate.ie work together to help increase fundraising revenue from your

We connect your event to iDonate.ie. Once the attendee completes the registration
process, iRegister.ie works with iDonate to create a fundraising page using the attendees
details. Charities have the option to auto create a fundraising page or allow the attendees
to choose if they want to create a fundraising page.The attendee can then login to
iDonate.ie and add more details to their fundraising page.

Event Questions

For any questions relating to the details of this event, please contact the event organisers.