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Worlds Largest Skinny Dip to Break the Guinness Book of World Records and Fund raise funds for Aoibheanns Pink Tie

This is the sixth Strip and Dip to be held here in Wicklow.   The Strip and Dip started five years ago after I (Deirdre Featherstone) was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and I had a brainwave after my mastectomy to do something fun.  There are a lot of women undertaking this who have been through cancer and of course loads of people who have been affected by it.  With our laughter, scars, dodgy boobs or in a lot of cases only one or none….. we would like to send a message that there is life after cancer and also raising awareness of how important it is for ladies to get checked.   Its a magical day for all involved.

We are stripping and dipping this year for the sixth time being organised via my blog and again this year we are raising much needed funds for Ireland’s National Children’s Cancer Charity –  

This is an event to celebrate people who have got out the other side, acknowledge those who are still struggling with life with cancer and other illnesses, remembering those we lost to cancer and celebrating womanhood.

This day is emotional, uplifting, the best craic ever and a day to celebrate everything. It is so much fun and a great empowering day for women.

Firstly we would like you say “Going” on the invite Button of our FB Event Page this is where most of the updates will be (most people will have done this but if not please go over there and join us for updates and a bit of craic too).   Most up to date information will be there and people join there and chat about the day etc. Any major updates or news will be sent by email as well every couple of months and before the dip.  The  FB Event Page is always up to date with information etc and its easy to share.

Please see more information on the day and hopefully this can answer any questions you may have – Strip and Dip 2018 FAQs

Event Fees
The fee to register is €10 ( this is a non-refundable fee if you are unable to make the event). The registration fees from us all will cover costs such as insurance, security, first aid, props needed on the day and some other things that we hope to be able to organise for the big day.  Anything that is not used for the day will of course go directly to the charity.   All funds will be accounted for and well and fairly used.


We are fundraising for Aoibheanns Pink Tie which is the National Cancer Charity of Ireland – 97% of ALL proceeds to the family and kids fighting cancer – their aim is to make their journey more comfortable and bring in as much happiness as possible.   So when we fund raise for this charity we are not paying a big salary to a CEO – the kids get it all.

  • The best way to fundraise is to do it online.  Please following instructions below to set up your account (which is free to set up of course and just takes a minute or two) you can then use the link on Facebook, Email, Text, Whatsapp and basically everywhere 🙂
  • Click on this link Event Details on iDonate and follow the steps – you can be online in two easy steps
  • Once you are set up you will get your own personal fundraising link which you can copy and use on FB, Email, Text, Whatsapp etc.etc.
  • We aim to raise as much as possible so your efforts are really appreciated

Offline Fundraising

  • It is of course okay as well do fundraise offline (all fundraising is great).  You can download a sponsorship card here and print it off
  • If you don’t have access to a printer we can post one out to you, please email 
  • All monies collected should be uploaded online to the main idonate account which is  In the comments just put your name so we know it came from you.
  • Please note on the day you can bring along a cheque or bank draft made payable to Aoibheanns Pink Tie – we can not accept cash on the day.   We will have a registration desk on the day if you just give the person an envelope with your name on it and amount raised with the cheque or bank draft in the envelope it would be greatly appreciated.
  • When you use the online facility the funds weekly go direct to the charity
On the day…
  • 9.30/10am…. a lot of people with meet at the Grand Hotel in Wicklow where we will have double decker buses organsied to bring you to the beach.  So leave your car there and have a bit of fun going up and back with the other women. – plenty of parking spaces at Hotel to leave cars.
  • 10.30ish – people start arriving to the carpark of the beach there will be security at the gate. When people arrive they usually get into dressing gowns, there is loads of body art going on, loads of wild laughing and most people would bring a nip of their favourite tipple before the beach.
  • 12.00ish – head down towards the beach…. this year as we are going for the World Record there will be a lot of things to organise, people to check, numbers, etc.etc.
  • 12.30ish – hope to Skinny Dip (it may be hour later if tide is in) – everyone has to go in up to their waist and to break record stay in at least five minutes – we will have loudspeakers counting down
  • 2.00ish – we will all go to a pub in Wicklow Town and have a few nibbles and there will be some live music – and we will all be buzzing its such good fun
  • Evening – over 200 woman staying down so that night we will head to The Grand Hotel where we will have a DJ or a Band for the evening.
Please note the dip is for dippers only…. we are all braving it so there will be no spectators apart from helpers…. if there is a Mother you would like to bring or someone who is ill and can not take part that is no problem just contact us below.
Dipper Groups Set Up feel free to join either or both 🙂

You Will Never Dip Alone
For women who are coming to dip by themselves… this is a way to get chatting to other women also in the same boat.  We will be arranging a place for “all the single ladies” to meet and go up on the bus together from the hotel to the beach.  So far there are over 100 ladies in this group so you will never be on your own.

Share a Lift or Need a Lift
A group set up for people who are driving to the dip and have spare seats and those who are looking for lifts.  Be great to travel down with someone and share costs and have a bit of craic on the way

To keep updated please make sure you go over and join our FB Event Page
Date: 9th June 2018
Place:   Meaghermore Beach, Wicklow (8km from Wicklow Town)
Time People arrive from 10.30am
Dip Time – 12.30  (this may be pushed out an hour due to tides as we need a lot of beach)
Contact Details – please private message event with any queries or email me
Phone – Dee  0872637326


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  • Worlds Largest Skinny Dip
    June 9, 2018
    10:30 am - 2:30 pm
    - Registration Start Time: 10:30 am


Wicklow, Wicklow, Ireland

Cause Details

Aoibheann's Pink Tie

Aoibheann’s Pink Tie will help and offer practical support to the families of children diagnosed with cancer and who are attending St John’s Oncology Ward in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital.

This is our chosen charity annually.  So far we have 153k for this charity and hoping this year will be just HUGE

Aoibheanns Pink is a voluntary organisation who do amazing work.